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How to create or change a donut chart as the same showed in several modules.

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I've been trying to create or modify some donut charts by accessing the donut option in various modules.

Is that possible? Let me show you a picture of what I want to do.


These charts are in the tickets module, but I would like to change them in any other module if possible.

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Hello Lucas,

In the list function an area of functionalty (Tickets, Customers, Leads etc), where you see the little donut icon on top, launch the adaptation mode via your user menu in the right top corner of the screen.

Then navigate to the Advanced Search function in the screen. Then drill down to a field for which you would like to see a donut chart - for example priority - then in the right area of the adaptation screen area you will see the option 'Show in donut chart'.

This means you can make fields relevant or not relevant for showing i a donut chart.





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Thanks MJ! It was very helpful!