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how to create alert profile ?

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Can anyone guide me with the detail steps regarding

How to create a Z Alert profile..?



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Answers (3)

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Hi Kamlesh,

To create your Alert profile you need to use DEFAULT meta model. Here you need to use some JavaScript code too. The following are some more steps (example),

1. Go to transaction code: CRMC_CIC_AM_PROFILE then enter your New Profile name (e.g.: ZAPROFILE) and choose F5 (Create new profile).

2. Fill the description in properties tab.

3. Select Global Data tab and add var global_str = "Hi, "

4. Select Functions tab and add function



return sap_scripting_message(global_str + str);


5. In the tree double click on SEARCH_TARGET_FOUND and add cr400_09(bp1.bp1_mcname1); in the rule tab

6. Check the syntax error in all the above steps (you have an icon for this)

7. Save

8. Add AM component to your framework id

9. Assign AM profile to your IC WinClient Profile

10. Test.

Let me know if it worked.



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Message was edited by: Jagadish P

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Sir, will u pz. elaborate steps 8 & 9.


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Is it in ICWEB Client or win client?

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easiest way is to copy DEFAULT and paste it to your own

Z Profile.

then with the wizard (trx. CRMC_IC_AMWZ) change it to

your needs.