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How to confirm Membership automatically after confirming BP

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Hi Experts,

I have a question related to components ICCMP_BP_DETAIL (Account Identification Screen after BP found where confirm button is) and component

MSHICIDENT (Membership Detail View where confirm button is to confirm membership).

Requirement is that membership is automatically confirmed after BP is confirmed. Both components can be found on account identification workcenter. No my problem is I was doing debugging and context node 'MEMBERSHIP' (inheriting from class CL_BSP_WD_CONTEXT_NODE_TV = Table View) is only on component MSHICIDENT. So to be able to have node in my component ICCMP_BP_DETAIL and to be able to confirm membership should I create same context node in component ICCMP_BP_DETAIL ?

I think after I have this node I have data right to be able to search for membership and confirm it directly after confirming the BP?

Any comments would help here...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you observe a method on EH_ONCONFIRM


* process further steps
  CALL METHOD me->process_after_confirm
      ir_bupa_controller = lr_cucobupa.

Please mdofy it and i trust it shoudl call the Membership Identification object with action display.(using nav descr object)

You just change ACTION while navigating as EXECUTE.

So only thing is find out what objetc type it is using and change the action type to execute not Display.

BUt I trust there should be some configuration to achive the same with out technical

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Hi Sivaram, please could you give me further detail about what you wrote? How do I change the action?

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Hi Oliver,

I have seen the components in the system, Please find below solution based on some base assumptions that I have made.


1. BP Will be Confirmed before Membership.

2. You will be able to find the membership details pertaining to the BP.


1. Custom Controller CuCoBuPa Method BP_CONFIRM( ) of component CRMCMP_BPIDENT handles the Confirmation of Business Partner (BP).

2. Enhance the Custom Controlled, create a re-definition for BP_CONFIRM Method.

3. In your re-definition, call the super class BP_CONFIRM method so that the Confirmation of BP is handled as it is done currently.

4. After confirmation of BP, Programatically identify the membership details that needs to confirmed.

5. Once membership details are available, create a related entity Membership with BP Entity.

For Creating releted entity Relationship, please refer to MSHICIDENT component view Details and event hadler method EH_ONCONFIRM which will give a idea as to how to maintain the related entity details.

Please do let me know in case if further information is required.


Anand T

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