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How to change the Source system of the document .

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Hi All,

I am facing some issue with the CRM service documents (Complaints,Replacement , In house repairs).

The document are showing error that the Original document was created in OLTP(ERP) therefore cant be changed in CRM.

How ever these documents were created in CRM.

Is there a way to change the Original system back to CRM ?

Please suggest .

Kind Regards,

Naval Bhatt.

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Hi Naval,

First approach.

To allow these modification you have to active "Interdependent Changes".

Activation of scenario:

  • Settings in CRM Enterprise: Table SMOFPARSFA

    Key: R3A_SALES

    Parameter name 1: INT_CHANGE_ORDER

    Parameter name 2: <sales document type>, for example TA

    Parameter value 1: A for activating the scenario for interdependent changes for <sales document type>

    Parameter value 2: A for APO activation

  • Settings in the ERP system: Table CRMPAROLTP

    Parameter name: CRM_SCENARIO

    Parameter name 2: INT_CHANGE_ORDER

    Parameter name 3: <sales document type>, for example TA

    Parameter value: A for activating scenario A for <sales document type>

Interdependent Changes - Business Transaction - SAP Library

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Hi Jorge,

Thanks for your reply, The scenario A does allow to change the document in both the system .

But the issue is

But as these are service documents , I am not sure How can I fix these errors

The item category YL2N is not allowed in Customizing for item category determination of the specified transaction type, or in the item category group of the product.

for sales docs Items category etc remains same for ECC-CRM however its not the same case in case of services ..

Kind Regards,

Naval bhatt.