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How to Change the Enhanced implemented Class names back to the orginal Class name in CRM Web UI

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We needed to change the method of a particular class in CRM Web UI. Therefore we enhanced the Class and the enhanced class added an extension of _1 as a suffix in the development environment or client..

For example, let's say the original class name was ZX_CRMCMP_HEADER0_IMPL



After we enhanced the class, now each of the above class names has a suffix of _1. As we transport the code changes to the next stage such as acceptance testing and production, how do we change the enhanced class names back to the original class names above without the extension of _1? The QA and Production environments does not recognize the enhanced class names because the enhanced class names were created only in the development Client. The method modified was a method under the enhanced class names.

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I am not able to understand why you want to change the class names back to original.

If you want to use the method you modified, you need to move those new classes.

While enhancing the classes, you might have saved those new classes in a transport request. Now, move the TR to QA.

If those new classes are not captured in any TR, create a TR for those classes and move it first.


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Thanks Ricky

That answer was extremely helpful. I will probably have to create a transport for those classes and move that transport first.