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How to change Backend server

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Hy All,

I have a strange question. I need to change the backend server in our landscape.

I have CommStation, ARS DB and GenerationWorkbench with MAS on separate servers.

I must change the backend server for all mentioned above.

Do you have any clues?

Thanks in advance,

Zoltán Károlyi

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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With Backend Server you mean the CRM Server?

In the development environment:

You just need to re-register the ARS DB on the new server and have the transport agent reinstalled also pointing to the new location.

In the runtime environment:

Change the IP of the destination you use on the commstation to the correct server.

The other entries should come with the system movement or should not need to change.

Hope this helps,


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What do you mean about re-register the ARS DB? Where I can do it?

I really need to reinstall TransportAgent? No way to change its destination?

CommStation - yes, it is easy.


Zoltán Károlyi

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Changing the backend CRM server for ARS Components is also

easy. Please check the following steps.

1. In Mobile\Bin.Net folder, there is a tool called TransportInstaller.exe. Inovoke this tool, it opens simple GUI and enter the ARS dsn details for which you want to change the backend server.

2. Go to the 'CRM Server Connection' tab page, Change the destination to whichever you want. Also provide other details like systemnumber,Client etc.

3. Now test the connection to the new Backend CRM server. if the connection works fine, Click on Save. Thus ARS is configured to a new CRM server.

4.Now you should also make changes in the new CRM server so that it recognizes the ARS repository.

select value from ars_systable where param like 'REPOSITORYID'

GO to the WBTRREP table in the new crm server, create a new entry in the table with the above repositiry ID.

may be you can check out WBTRREP table entry in the current CRM server.

Best Regards


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I assume that you aware the fact that there will be an inconsistency in WBTRCL after changing the CRM system connected to the DEV MRS.

In case you already have sent released CLs to the (old) CRM system those will be missing in the new CRM system.

At least you should guarantee that the develpoment CLs have been transported/imported also to the QA MRS before changing the DEV CRM system.



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