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How to add TWO custom TAB in CRMD_ORDER

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Hi to All,

it's possible add TWO custom TAB in CRMD_ORDER? (using EEWB tool).

From EEWB tool, i have created a new project, and I have created a new custom TAB (CUSTOMER_H, called "System A") in CRMD_ORDER.

Now, I want create another custom TAB (CUSTOMER_H, to call "System B") , how do I do?

Best Regard :-).


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Umberto,

SAP only provides one custom tab to be added (based on CRM 5). But un-officially you can use Screen sequence controls to add another tab to a business transaction. Be aware of the consequences while doing an updgrade.

On CRMV_SSC, select your screen profile and then choose option ' Function code assignment to screen panel'. Here you can use a function code which is currently not being used by SAP in transaction screen for that profile. You need to register the customer program before you use the customer program screen.

Hope this helps.



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