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How GUID is Caculated?

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Can any one please help me.

We have 8 line items in one Quatation, this quatation is availbale in one Opportunity.

I wolud like to know how system generate GUID Values for these 8 line items.

I need this in order to understand one ABAP Programme. In this programme these 8 GUIDs are sorted and only highest GUID is considered for further calculation.

So, how system generates these GUID values. Based on what factors? for which item it will give highest value GUID.

Hope i am clear..



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Tony,

As far as i know there is no set logic behind generating a GUID.Its rather random. The system just sees to it that the number is unique and not used anywhere. So you might not want to base your logic on the GUID value as such.

Hope it helps.

Award points if it helps.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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The GUID is generated by a kernel call from function GUID_CREATE. See [|] for the explanation of the formula used. I think SAP uses V1 Guid which includes System Detail(MAC address), time and a random component.

Now, maybe sorting the guids can give you the one that was created first/last, but this is an extremely unreliable method and no guarantee of this holding true in all instances.



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a function GUID_CREATE is used to create GUIDs. it is an unintelligible number that is used to make sure a number is unique. A lot of tables in CRM use GUID as key field.