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How can we integration bi-directional flow of data from SAP CDC to S/4Hana

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We need to sync the new registrations happening from SAP CDC to S/4 Hana for B2C customers.

I have found the flows from S/4 Hana to SAP CDC in the documentation, but the reverse is not documented 

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Hello @Gaurav_Gulati,

  • I understand your query, note that for CDC to S/4Hana replication of customers could be achieved using the SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP) and SAP Integration Suite (CPI).
  • You can easily sync the CDC's customers synchronously to CDP using the OOTB connectors and then you can use CDP's Destination (Outbound) Connectors to sync data to S/4HANA.

I hope this answers your query to mak answered.

Best Regards,
Kunal Bansal
SAP CX Solution Architect