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How can I use a visible a number as custom IVR

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Hi together,

I need help in the following situation.

I have a number for our call center which is routed directly to a queue. Now I created some new queues and I created a custom IVR, which asks for the reason and routed to the queues with the correct reason (for Order and for Complaints).

Now I Take the number and use it for the custom ivr and it works. The Customber calls the number, the IVR asks for the reason and routed to the correct queue.

Now the question I have:

When someone wants to make an outbound call, the person can't use the number of our call center, because it's not more in the queue.

What can I do, that the agents can make outbound calls with the number and when customer calls the number, they are routed to the IVR?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sven,

If I understood right you want to display certain number when agents are making outbound call.

There is few ways to do the requested. First we need to know if you want all calls to be shown as your IVR number or is there cases where agents personal extension needs be shown?

In case of all outbound calls should show certain number, for example 12345 you could simply force it in Switching Routes, see edit caller number.

If agents should be able to use own extension, then I would recommend to create a dummy queue, add a switching route where you have rule like if source is the dummy queue then change it to 12345. After this agents should select the queue as visible anumer in CDT settings. This can be also forced via SC.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Jukka, you said that Sven should use switching route to make a rule based on source queue number. As far as I know then rules can be made only based on called B number.

How can it be done based on source number?

Best regards

Madis Malv

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Hi Sven ,

As Jukka has correctly replied to your question , i just want to add one more part to it . For your requirement , the number that you will be sending out ( the CLI basically) to the customer should be the same number that you use as your IVR number .Because if you are sending any arbitary CLI and when the customr calls back it will not hit the IVR.