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How can I navigate from SRQM_INCIDENT_H to an external component?

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I am trying to setup navigation from the OVP (view SRQM_INCIDENT_H/IncidentOV) of component SRQM_INCIDENT_H to an external, custom component. For this, I have a specific button at the top of the OVP. I have done the following:


1. Created a component usage for my custom component ZTARGETCOMPONENT
2. Added the MainWindow of ZTARGETCOMPONENT to the runtime repository (SRQM_INCIDENT_H/MainWindow)
3. Created OP (OP_NAVIGATE) in the window SRQM_INCIDENT_H/MainWindow
4. Added OP_NAVIGATE to the runtime repository (SRQM_INCIDENT_H/MainWindow)
5. Created event handler for the button (EH_ONCLICK) in the OVP that calls the window OP (OP_NAVIGATE)
6. Created Navigational Link (ToTargetComponent)
source: SRQM_INCIDENT_H/MainWindow => Outbound Plug NAVIGATE
Now when I click on the button, the outbound plug is fired properly, but I get a dump with exception CX_BSP_WD_INCORRECT_IMPLEMENT in CL_BSP_WD_VIEW_MANAGER=>PROCESS_NAV_QUEUE because it seems to be looking for a navigational link from the main component SRQM_INCIDENT_M.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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