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How can I find out which device (laptop, smartphone,...) C4C user is using when he logs in to C4C?


Hello SAP support,

when I am using the UI Debugger ?debugMode=true& in the C4C URL but I can't see with which device I am logged in.

Where can I see which device (laptop, smartphone, tablet,...) the user is using when he logs in to C4C? Where is it logged  in C4C which user is using which device? We need to know which device the user is using so that we can switch between different C4C mashups based on laptop, smartphone, tablet,... via a validation rule.

Thanks for your help.

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Now I found which device type is logged on, when I go to the Debug Mode -> Data Model -> /Root/$System/DeviceType.


Another option:

User Menu -> Adaptation Mode -> Implementation ->  Rules and Validation -> Rule: DEVICETYPE()=="DESKTOP"