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How can i delete converted leads in sales cloud?

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Is there anyway to delete converted leads in sales cloud?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


I’d like to confirm whether you are talking about C4C Sales Cloud Version 1?

If yes, to delete converted leads, you can use the data workbench feature as follows:

  1. Go to Data Workbench Workcenter
  2. Navigate to Export tab
  3. Select object Lead | lead and enter the lead ID
  4. Click on Next and in the next screen select Export Data
  5. Navigate to Monitor tab
  6. Click on the exported file and download the .CSV file
  7. Now open the downloaded file with a CSV editor and add a column in the end
  8. Name this column as ToBeDeleted and set the value for this column as True
  9. Save the CSV file. Now, go back to Data Workbench workcenter and navigate to facet Update
  10. Select the Object Lead | lead
  11. Click on Next and upload the modified CSV file
  12. Again click on Next and then press Update. Check the status in the Monitor facet
  13. The unwanted leads should now be deleted.

NOTE: It is recommended not to delete any master data and transactional data based on these master data. Please be careful about deleting converted leads where there are follow-up documents like activities, account and opportunities because if you delete such leads, the reference would be lost.

For example, if you convert a lead to opportunity, the lead shows up as predecessor to the opportunity, but if you delete such a lead, the reference would be lost and may cause severe data inconsistencies. Hence, such deletion should be done only if absolutely necessary and  after careful analysis of any existing relationships for these documents.

It is advised to set such unwanted converted leads to Obsolete status instead.

Thanks and Regards,