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Hosted Page missing login uri

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  • Hi,

    I have created 2 hosted pages to see if the user is logged in.
    1 is the login page and the other is a profile-update page.
    Please see the attached images.
    What I want to happen is that when the user logs in the login page, redirect to the profile update and the session will continue as it is in the same url. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

  • Regards,
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Hi Jonathan,

In order for Profile page to work properly you need to configure Login URI for your profile page (/update):

1. Open this page (/update) in Hosted Pages in Console.

2. Click on the input under Login URI label and select the name of login page you want to use (ie the name of /login page).

After you update this configuration, it should work in the following way:

1. If the end-user isn't logged in yet in this browser and they open /update page they will first see the login screen and after they will log in, they will see the profile screen (This is the purpose of login URI).

1. If the end-user is already logged in before they open /update page, for example they first visited /login page and then navigated to /update page in the same browser they will see profile screen right away with their user information.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for this! It works!

This is another question, but if I create a generic page to customize it, there is no login URI?