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Hmc search result attribute missing

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Hi all,
I have a bit problem on view of search products onto hmc.
In effect, missing the attributes Approved and Catalog version when I do standard search.

Shall I change the view in this case?
I'm trying to migrate the version of hybris from 4.4.0 to
Thanks to all in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Danilo, As Hybris is moving away from the hMC in Hybris 5 and later (transitioning to the so-called backoffice), the hMC configurations have been decoupled from the standard extensions. The configuration of the approved and Catalog version have been stored in the platformhmc extension (bin/ext-platform-optional), you can add the platformhmc extension in your localextensions.xml and build/update the system.

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