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Help with IPC routine

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Hello everybody,

I'm new on IPC functionality and I'd like to get some help from you if possible.

My pricing schemes in CRM are provided by the connected R3. I've configured the IPC and all R3 pricing routines works correctly in CRM. The problem is that I need to create a new price condition based on a CRM custom table which is not on R3 environment.

I've configure the following in CRM

SPRO - CRM - Basic Functions - Pricing - Define Settings for Pricing - Adopt User Defined fields

In this customizing point I've implemented the ITEM_COMMUNICATION_STRUCTURE method in order to provide some z fields to CS_ACS_I_COM structure (previously extended with these fields).

This communication structure is correctly filled with values.

My question is: ¿How can I develop a JAVA routine for my IPC referring to these fields?

I know that I have to implement the following methods:




But I don't know how to refer to my fields in overwriteConditionValue method

I think something like this:



case 600:

I want to return CS_ACS_I_COM-ZField1 as routine value but i dont know how to do it.

Could anybody help me with this code?

Thank you veru much.

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To get data from the communication structure is to use:




It returns a string value.

Suggest reading the documentation that comes in the doc folder of the IPC installation.