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Get a List of all API Keys



for an internal Reporting Tool we need a List of all API Keys. Is there any way to get this using an API? I tried to use the Console Frontend API but was not able to get a valid Session.

Is there any possibility to get all sites of an Partner?



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Hi Daniel

I'm afraid there is not a public endpoint to list all Sites (API Keys) from a partner.

Can I ask what type of report your looking to build? Is it a simple list of Sites? or do you need to know who has access and what level of access for those sites?


Jason Hodgkinson
Director, Support Engineering EMEA
SAP Customer Data Solutions
Customer Support & Innovation

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Hi Daniel, sorry for the late reply, hope you will find some use here

As it was mentioned, admin APIs are not publicly accessible with description in documentation, but.. at least they are highlighted here:

If you navigate the link, you can find the following text on the page Click for a list of Admin APIs

When clicked, you can find admin APIs.

I assume here is one that could suit your requirement to get a list of all API Keys base on your Partner.
admin.getPartnerSites -> This API retrieves all existing sites(API Keys) of a partner, including all the site's configured settings.

If you you are admin, you can call this API using your user credentials.
But before to create a report or some another logic base on these types of API(admin namespace), I would recommend firstly reach CDC Support to confirm the reliability of them.

Hope it has helped you and given a direction to deep dive into this.

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Hi Jason,

Thanks for your answer!

We want to create a report to determinate which site has how many users to have a feeling about licensing/billing things.