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Hi All,

I'm using function module CRM_OUTPUT_SINGLE_READ to prepare output data for a smartform. Unfortunately, this method does not return pricing condition data which is supposed to be in exporting parameter ET_OUTPUT_PRICE_AGMTS_I. This parameter is always blank.

Does anyone have any experience with this?


Roman D.

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Answers (2)

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I'm using the very same FM and the Smartform is running correctly and processing one or more line items for a particular order. However, in the case where an order has both a chargebale item and a Free of charge item only the chargeable item is being passed to the Smartform via itab lt_orderadm_i. For some strange reason the Free of charge item is not being forward, although the Order itself has no errors and looks fine.

Could there be some kind of config which might inhibit Free of charge items (item catgory ZFOC) from being processed by this FM ?.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Gary King

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The smartform that is being passed into this function module must use the table in its definition. If you do not use that structure in the actual smartform input parameters, then the exporting parameter will not be filled.

Good luck,