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Function add own / new fields in D4C availabel?

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Hello all,

I'm looking for a D4C functionality. We want to implement a cloud CRM Solution for 5 users (max up to 30 within next 2-3 years).

We checked the 30-days try-out D4C system an found nearly all functions that we need today. What we missed was a working function for generating new customer specfic fields to complete customer and/or material data sets.

I also can't find any official information about that for D4C, and I know that this option is definitely a function C4C.

On one hand C4C offers a lot of functions that we would'nt use today, on the other hand C4C requires min 10 users to be licenced, and each is much more expensive than the D4C users. In summary D4C would be a perfect tool for us if we could add own fields.

Does anyone know, if there is a function for new fields in D4C available.

Maybe this is only switched off in D4C try-out system.

Is Jam and Outlook-Integration also part of the D4C solution?

Thanks for your answers and tips


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Klaus,

Check the below link for your answer, it show cases capabilities of D4C:

Not sure about JAM but it does mentions about the contact sync from Outlook and extension fields creation.



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