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formElement:formInputBox and formElement:formSelectBox ',' (comma) added in every form submit

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Hi All,

I'm using b2ctelco Accelerator Hybris version 6.2. In Jsp I'm using formElement:formInputBox and formElement:formSelectBox which is out of the box ..

I dont know how it is working but i just passed few parameters which is required for that and getting the desired result.

But the result is getting appended by ","(comma) always also using to refer using path attribute in tag file.

Also if binding result has errors it is appending with the previous result. example: if time i'm enterring 1 in the text box and thats an error and redirecting to same page the text box contains 1 and i'm trying to submit again with the 1 in the text box not adding any new values. On the second submit it is displaying as 11 and keep adding on every submit.

It'll be helpful for me to understand both how it works (Any links or documents are appreciated) and how to solve the problem.

please comment if you require any inputs further


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