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HI, i have error with the following query, could any one help me out.

query :

SELECT {item:pk} FROM {CategoryProductRelation* AS rel JOIN Category AS item ON {rel:source}={item:pk} } WHERE {rel:qualifier} = ?quali AND {rel:target} = ?item AND {rel:language} IS NULL ORDER BY {rel:pk} ASC' ( item='8796261679105',quali='CategoryProductRelation',lang='null')

Exception: missing values for [item, quali], got {13=8796112257106, 11=8796111405138, 14=8796111863890, 10=8796112158802, 12=8796112224338}

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Did you provide values for the "?quali" and "?item" parameters? If not, then that's what you are missing. You need to replace them with values.

Check "FlexibleSearch Samples":


...LIKE ?name; query.addQueryParameter("name", "%h%")