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Finding out logged in Org Unit?

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If a user is assigned to multiple org units within a single business role, he/she is given the option to select among the org units when Web UI is launched. After selecting, in the subsequent screens, how to find out dynamically which particular Org Unit he/she logged in through?

I appreciate your time. Thanks.

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Hi Amar

to get the Business role or profile using user name, pls use the class CL_CRM_UI_PROFILE_DETERM and use the method DETERMINE_PROFILE_VIA_ORG_MGMT.

to determin the logged in role and its organiztion unit proceed as follows

1) Get the user orgunit and roles list using the above said class - methoid which returns table

2) once you got the result get the Business role the user is currently loged in by using the parameter id CRMT_UI_PROFILE it will return the current business role.

3) now read the table in point 1 with this busineess role where u will get the orgunit.

more over there is no static method for the class CL_CRM_UI_PROFILE_DETERM so either you have to create the instance for this class or simply copy the code in the method DETERMINE_PROFILE_VIA_ORG_MGMT and use the same code some where else in the other class method.

Hope this resolves your issue.

Thanks & Regards


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Thanks for the response but I am looking for a solution in a scenario where mutilpe org units are assigned to a user through a single business role.

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Hi Amarnath,

Did you find any way to solve this issue?

I have the same requirement so I would like to know if you could share your solution for this matter.

Thank you in advanced for any input.