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Fill attachments automatically with account data

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Hi everyone,

we have a requirement that asks us to open attachments in crm and have the account data this attachment is attached to automatically put into the document. F.e. I am in business partners and open an attachment (word doc), then I want that the bp address is automatically transferred into the document.

Any idea how this could work? Would that require crm adjustments or is this rather a microsoft issue?

Thanks for your ideas


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Answers (2)

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Hi Nadine (Marc?)

It is possible to do mail-merge type functions with the BDS data.

It is not standard, though, as Gregor has pointed out. It is complete development.

Basically you need to have an attachment (word doc) with a FORM in it with the fields you want. You map the form fields to the ABAP fields in the Properties section of Word.

You can get a handle on this form in ABAP, fill a table with the field names and values, then set the form data.

Have a look at programs starting with BDS* and interfaces such as i_oi_form (and their where-used lists).



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Hello Marc,

next version of CRM will bring a possibility to fill templates with Adress information out of CRM. But there is no such functionality now. A workaround could be to implement a popup which displays the address data to copy & paste into a document that then can be attached to the partner or activity.