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Extracting and Validating Customer Data from SAP Marketing Cloud

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I am having some trouble with the match and merge process between customer data (I am using a non shareable ID = CPF)* and it's interactions (sales coupon). Marketing Cloud has been creating a lot of anonymous contacts (which are the non-merged interactions by itself).

I want to implement a regular process to validate and control the matching and merge process, where I would first send the customer ID information and then the coupon to Marketing Cloud (in order to avoid sending coupons that doesn't have a prior customer register).

That said, would that be possible to extract and send the customers ID' base from Marketing Cloud to an external stage table (through an API or something like that)? That way, I would be able to sync and verify ID's in the stage table and then send it to Marketing Cloud - prior to the coupons.

*(CPF = Brazilian social security number)

Thank you in advance!

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HI claucileia

did you found a solution about this topic?