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Expose the SAP CRM 2007 product proposal functionnality (Web Service)

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I would like to expose (as a Web Service for instance) the new SAP CRM 2007 for Utilities functionality Product proposal.

Basically, I would like to make this functionality available from our customer portal (based on SAP Portal).

Of course, a webpage and some logic will have to be designed in order to pass the input parameters and get the results from the consumed WS.

Maybe there is also other options than SOA / WSu2026

Could anyone help?

Is it possible to create such a WS from this new SAP CRM function?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Brice,

During development SAP was planning the ESOA service on top of this functionality.

I know an RFC on ERP system behind this functionality - ISU_PRODUCT_PROPOSAL_SERVICE. You can use web service generator and create a wrapper for this RFC which could be called from outside. This is kind of old school way but it should work.

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BTW, i'm curious do you use this product proposal functionality in production mode?

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Thanks for your answer.

We are now prototyping the thing and will check how it goes.

Fyi, we are currently designing the product proposal function and we are planning to use it in production. So we are not using it yet.



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