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Execute E-Mail Blast for the list of E-mail IDs

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Hello Experts,

Client has provided list with only E-mail IDs to Execute Email Blast.

None of the E-mail IDs exist in the system for any of the Customers, but still client wants to Execute E-Mail Blast for the list of E-mail IDs he provided.

I am trying to work around for this requirement with help of “Data Migration template”

I am trying to create Contacts for these E-mail IDs and execute E-Mail Blast but I am facing some difficulties.

Please anyone can assist or advice on this requirement ASAP.

Thanks and Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you dont have this customers in C4C, you can import them as leads or account prospects through data workbench.

After import is successful then you can create target group with this customers. Within target group you can send email blasts.



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