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Execute automated calls list in Predictive mode in SAP CRM with BCM

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We have integrated SAP CRM with SAP BCM with the configuration of SAPphone (RFC  Conexión TCP/IP) for execute in SAP CRM the call list in predictive mode throught SAP BCM. 

CRM Version: EHP2 FOR SAP CRM 7.0

BCM Version: SAP BCM 7 SP4

Based on our tests, it is not clear the following functionality for execute call list in predictive mode in SAP CRM:

1)  Into SAP BCM the administrator systems has to provide access rights to the telemarketing agent for receive the call in SAP CRM.

Due to the agent is assigned first in the call list into SAP CRM,  represent a double effort have to assign again the agent in SAP BCM.

Please could you indicate if this result of our test is according to the the correct funcionality defined by SAP for realize the assign of the call list to the agents.

We require realize the assign of agents to the call list only in SAP CRM and not in BCM.

2) Due to our test the agent has to be logged in both systems and interact and work at the same time in both of them, we require that the agent only work in one system, in SAP CRM.

3) The agent has to select “Join the campaign” in BCM for start the execution of calls.

So, select the call list in SAP CRM is innecesary because the execution is started when the  agent select “Join the campaign” in BCM. We require only work in SAP CRM, please could you indicate if this result of our test is according to the the correct funcionality defined by SAP.

4) The call result is synchronizated from SAP BCM  to SAP CRM, but not viceversa, also the call state and the user status is not synchronizated from SAP CRM to BCM. Please could you indicate if this result of our test is according to the correct funcionality defined by SAP for  synchronization between SAP CRM and BCM for call list.

5) When a register contained in the call list in BCM has associate more than one phone number  and the first number is wrong, the dialer only dial the first phone number but not continue to dial the next phone number associated to the BP.

This funcionality is working in BCM as standalone.

6) Please could you indicate the the correct funcionality defined by SAP for the reschedule of calls.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Tomi, Gurus,

Please Could you help me with this issue.


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Hello, Beatriz.

Just want to add to what Tomi said. Unfortunately, integration of SAP CRM with SAP BCM in outbound call lists process is not yet well documented. It's quite interesting, but I'm currently working on the same requirement. And writing some document regarding this topic. I'll publish it as soon as it is finished. It'll cover questions which you asked in the start post and which Tomi already answered. But I'll try to provide more detail information.

Some answers on your recent questions:

1) Call result is available in the call. Not in the interaction record itself. See call list attributes:

Here actually the more recent document about call list synchronization:

3) Rescheduling in manual call lists is available by pressing appropriate button in WebUI in detail call list view (when you press "Show calls" in Call list work center).

But for automated dialing there is a BSP component ICCMP_PVDIAL_M (and related ICCMP_PVDIAL_CD and ICCMP_PVDIAL_RS). In it there is detail information on the call from automated call list along with Reschedule tab available. But right now I can not provide you any tips how to better bring this component to the user interface in WebUI. I didn't find any information regarding the use of this component yet.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Tomi,

Thanks for your reply.

1) In our test, the CALL RESULT is transfered from BCM to CRM (Busy, FAX, answer machine, Sucess, Instant Redial, Wrong Party, etc) when the call is finished.

In SAP CRM only the call state and the agent status (user status) are indicated, but not the CALL RESULT.

Additional based into the next URL, the call result has to be updated from BCM to CRM:

Please, ¿How the CALL RESULT is indicated in CRM and transfered to BCM?.

2) For call to the other numbers for the same customer, ¿Is not required create logic in BCM for dial to the next number? Because SAP CRM does not support telephony funcionality.

3) The Rescheduling-tab in only is visible in SAP CRM GUI (transaction CRMD_TM_CLDIST, but not in SAP CRM Webclient IC.

We require to display the Rescheduling-tab to the agent (SAP CRM Webclient IC) into the Interaction Record.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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Hello Gurus,

Please Could you help me with this issue.


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Hello Beatriz,

Outbound campaigns have not been that well documented. We try to fix that in the future.

In short the required steps for running an integrated campaign are:

-Create a call list in SAP CRM

-Assign a dialler to it (SAP BCM) and transfer it to SAP BCM

-In SAP BCM System Configurator: configure the campaign settings, give user rights and activate it

-in CDT softphone (SAP BCM) log into the campaign as an agent

After this, you can continue running the campaign with SAP CRM as the UI. You can do contact handling and classification from there. During the campaign you can use SAP BCM Monitoring to see the overall campaign status. When you are done with the campaign, go to CDT softphone and leave the campaign.

1) assigning an agent to a call list in SAP CRM is not required. You only need to do that in SAP BCM.

2) The agents must join and leave the campaign in SAP BCM, everything else can be done in SAP CRM.

3) Correct. Selecting the call list in SAP CRM is not required.

The following ones I am not sure about, as I am not a CRM expert, but this is my understanding:

4) Call results are transferred from SAP CRM to SAP BCM when the call list is synchronized in SAP CRM again. Agent status and call state are transferred.

5) The other numbers for the same customer should be called, too. This requires call list synchronization in SAP CRM.

6) The call classification is done on the Rescheduling-tab in SAP CRM. Rescheduling works with the SAP CRM call list re-synchronization.

If you have further problems with this, please open a ticket and add OII and CEM logs from the case to it.

Kind Regards,