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Execute an IVR before transfer the call to agent

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Hi All,

We have a request to give to caller two option (Voicemail, or Callback) before to transfer the call to agent.

IVR is created.

I used this option, created two queues.

Queue_1 make an instant forwarding to IVR. IVR forward to Queue_2 if the caller does not use any option of IVR.

Queue_2 is where agents are assigned.

This option is working, but I would like to know if you have a better option. Because, in Online Monitoring, we have for each call two contact, one for Queue_1 with Contact Type = transfer, and other one for Queue_2 with Contact Type = Inbound Call.

I was checking the Opt-in IVR, but after finishing the call the status is In Process. And if we used the exit element in the IVR the call was disconnected. Just work with a survey IVR but it’s not our case.

Do you know if we can use other option?

Best regards,

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I would do an IVR that contain transfer to queue, ivr and callback service. No extra routing via blank queues. For example at note 1951158 you can find more IVR examples made by SAP. One of the examples is custom callback IVR. By using that as a template you could do all required within one custom IVR.


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Hi Jukka, Thanks!

I tried to do that, but how can I execute the IVR first? I mean, I’m using the first queue because using Instant Forwarding Number field, I can execute the IVR.

Best regards,