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Error trying to delete CRM trans. Administration header could not be found

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We were trying to delete a few transactions (Leads & Opportunities ) from our system using T code: CRMD_ORDER. but got this error message: "Administration header could not be found XXXXXXXXXXX". I tried using the program CRM_ORDER_DELTE, but got the same error message. I tried BAPI: BAPI_LEAD_DELETEMULTI but got the same error message.

I applied the Note: 1087462 and then tried to delete these transactions and still got the same error message. Is there any solution to this problem for CRM 5.0?

Steps for Reconstruction

1. Go to T code: CRMD_ORDER

2. Enter Shift+F5 and enter transaction#: XXXXXXX.

3. In Menu- select "Business Transaction" & "Display/change".

4. Once in change mode go back to Menu and select "Business

Transaction" & "Delete".

5. Click "Yes" on the pop-up.

6. The error msg: "Enter Business partner" should appear - Msg#


7. Hit enter, the error msg: "Administration header could not be found

XXXXXXXXXX" appears.

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Answers (2)

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I was facing the same issue and it has been resolved from your guideance.

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Received response from SAP support partner:


Please verify first if the issue is caused by badi implementation

of ORDER_SAVE badi. Please check method prepare and check_before_save.

Maybe inside your implementation the function crm_order_read is called

but that is not possible in case of deleting a document as document is

not available anymore.

If that doesn't work try this one:

Please check to see if you have a badi ORDER_SAVE method

CHANGE_BEFORE_UPDATE. Please deactiviate the ORDER_SAVE Badi and retestthe deletion.


This is how we resovled our issue - hope this helps someone else:

Check using T Code: SE80 to look for a BADI implementation which used BADI: ORDER_SAVE:

SE80-> Package: Z* (look for custom packages) -> Look under enhancements for any BADI Implementations which have used ORDER_SAVE (double click implementation and in the right pane look under Definition name).

Click 'Change' and deactivate this implementaiton. Now try to delete the CRM transaction. The error msg should not pop up now. Once deletion is completed reactivate this implementation.

This is just a work around. The problem lies in the code and the code within the implementation should be debugged and fixed so that this error message does not come up again.

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