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Error 'No Origins with Business System and Object ID Type are maintained'

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Good day,

I tried to configure contact and profile in Set UP your Marketing solution App in SAP marketing Cloud but I get The below Error


However, I already maintained origin IDs

Also, I can not find the table CUANC_CE_ORIGIN in Add Custom View Application.

I suppose there is a relationship between the two issues,

Kindly support as the issue is urgent.

Best Regards,

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Hi Nourhan,

check under Data stewardship -> browse Origin if there are some contact stored under SAP_C4C_BUPA or SAP_C4C_Contact, if yes, may be it will be helpful to open a ticket to SAP for deletion of those contacts.

Please refer to the last point 7

I did the same and awaiting now for answer from SAP.

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Hi Yoro,

Thank you a million,

I follow your guide and I already found some contacts stored under SAP_C4C_BUPA.

I am still in the test tenant, Will those contacts affect the PRD tenant when requesting it.

and Is this issue the root cause of the mentioned error?.

Best Regards,