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Error in object link generation

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We've created our own roles in EP and CRM correspondingly, and done the linking and copying in configuration for PC-UI. For some reason, the object link generation (OLG) does not work correctly. When we click on the hyperlink of, for example, an account, the portal launches a new window and calls the URL

roles://portal_content/(the path to our role)/.../(iview ID)?DynamicParameter=CRM_OBJECT_TYPE...

In other words the URL is completely wrong. The part http://(portal server):(port)/irj/... is not there. The URL the portal tries to call is simply the entry ROLES://(pcd locator) from the customizing table CRMC_PRT_ROLE_MO

Our portal is 6.0 SP2 and the CRM is 4.0 SP7.

I've applied note 659881, so the URLDispatcher should be right.

Anyone ran into this problem before?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I built some custom EP6 roles, Iviews & pages, and had the same problem. Here's what worked for me .....

In transaction CRMC_BLUEPRINT_C, expand the menu option "Navigation (URL Generation)" and execute "Assign Object Method to Role.

Create new entries as below:

First three values are key fields:
ROLE = Portal role you defined in EP6;
OBJECT TYPE = the object (such as ACCOUNTCRM for Business Partner) of the hyperlink;

Next values are non-key fields:
PRIORITY = any number - I normally use "30";
APPLICATION = BSP application (such as CRMM_ACCOUNT for Business partner);
ID PAGE/SERVICE = path matching the EP6 Page containing the single Iview to be launched (cut & pasted out of EP6 config)

Best of luck .......


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Thanks Dorian!

The step you mentioned is indeed a prerequisite for OLG.

In fact, I am familiar with the PCUI customization and had done the steps required. The problem I had appeared even though the config was correct. Luckily, I found the solution yesterday: in the browser (IE), the CRM server had to be added to the same Security Zone as the EP server (Trusted sites in our case).

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We have the following problem with link generation and need some help:

After doing some customizing we're now able to use links (e.g. in Activities BSP). But when we're clicking the link with the left mouse button an error occurs because a wrong URL is generated by the URL dispatcher. For example before 'DynamicParameter=CRM_OBJECT_TYPE' a question mark '?' is used instead of an ampersand '&'. And the part before the path of the role is missing.

When using the context menu for the link and choosing 'Open in new window', the correct URL is generated and everything works fine.

Any suggestions???



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I am having the same problem as you outlined in your post. Have you resolved this problem? If so, can you post the solution?



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Hi John,

we have solved an similar problem.

Try to use the full domain name in your URL for Portal access.


It's working in our application