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Error composing price IDOC | Missing_reference

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I am trying to ingest pricing IDOC from SAP. For some products, all the IDOC get ingested, for others alI IDOCs fail.

If check the status of CanonicalPrice composition then it says, MISSING_REFERENCE as the cause of error.

I have only conditionId as the only primary key for CanonicalPrice.

Any help?

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The error MISSING_REFERENCE is unfortunately missing a lot of information to be useful (Such as which Canonical Item is referred and its keys).

Looking at the target item definition for CanonicalPrice the only resolve usage is :

 resolve('CanonicalPricingSalesAreaMapping', '${sapcoreconfiguration.pool}')

It appears that some prices using ( CanonicalPrice.salesOrganization + CanonicalPrice.distributionChannel ) could not find an entry matching ( CanonicalPricingSalesAreaMapping.salesOrganization + CanonicalPricingSalesAreaMapping.distributionChannel ).