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Error after migration 2211 on methods that returns a String from OCC

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We have this error after having migrated to version 2211, OCC methods that return a String when consumed return the following error:

JSONError: Unexpected token 'P' at 1:1Pre-pay Loads must be in POS placed by AR^

For example the following method:


@GetMapping(value = "/{id}/notes")
@Operation(operationId = "getNotes")
public String getNotes(@PathVariable @Parameter(description = "id", required = true) final String id){
return myFacade.getNotes(id);

The method "myFacade.getNotes(id)" correctly returns a String:return.png"Pre-pay Loads must be in POS placed by AR"


I also did the following test where I hardcode returning a string with extra quotes and it works perfectly:


Before the migration it worked correctly, it should be noted that the endpoints were moved from /rest to /occ although I consider that this should not be the problem.

I want to think it's a "lib" that is causing the problem but I'm not sure, does anyone have an idea of what could be happening?

Thanks for your help

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