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ERP sales documents are not available in C4C Opportunity Screen

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Hi Experts,

We are integrating C4C with ERP via HCI.In Opportunity management, we are able to create external follow up documents (Sales Quote,Sales Order in ECC) successfully.But the created follow up documents are not visible in C4C Opportunity screen tab "ERP Sales Documents".Following configurations has been made so far from our side.

1.We have enabled all the questions under New Business in project scoping activities.

2. Executed Connectivity report RCOD_CREATE_CONNECTIVITY_SIMPL for the Opportunity scenario's.

3. We have deployed the following iflows for this scenario:

4. We have created the following communication arrangements in C4C:

Opportunity with Follow Up Business Transaction Document in External System

Opportunity with Print Preview of Sales Documents in ERP(Enabled for PDF preview)

Could anyone please let us know, if any additional steps required to make the follow up ERP sales documents appear in C4C?

Thanks in Advance!!!

Warm Regards,


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Hello Experts,

Today i found few steps in Configuration guide as well, here they are: Created a requirement routine and maintained that routine as suggested in Configuration guide version 1411.But still i don't find any IDOCs created in ECC/still the follow up documents are not available in C4C.

Thanks in advance,


Warm Regards,


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Hi Mukesh,

Any update on your issue. We are also facing similar issue.


Amit S. Joshi