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Ericsson-IPECS and BCM

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Dear expects, i am trying to route calls from Ericsson-LG IPECS UCP to SAP BCM using H323. Calls are getting into the BCM Ivr but they drop off when the SAP BCM Agent answers.

If we change to SIP no calls are getting through at all, what configuration should be done in the BCM since thr PBX is just pushing calls into the IVR and the BCM takes the call control?

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If a call is dropped when agent answers, it indicates that SAP CCtr (former BCM) and your phone gateway are not speaking same language. It can be because codec or dialect that your H323 is speaking. H323 has many dialects and therefore we recommend to use SIP which has one common language.

With your SIP issue it sounds like the gateway is not defined as outgoing route. SAP CCtr has a rule that calls from gateways that are not defined in the system are not accepted. This is to avoid DDoS attacks. To troubleshoot the issue, you should raise loglevel of SIPBridge and CD to trace. Now you should see if SIPBridge receives invite messages from the gateway. If the calls are disconnected fastly, check CD log and look for cause code (CAUSE=) This indicates the reason why call is disconnected.

If you need help with this case, please raise a ticket with mentioned logs and details about example call.