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Equipment replication from ECC to CRM

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Hello All,

Please help me to resolve the equipment issue replication from ECC to CRM.

There two equipment's are not replicating from ECC to CRM system, I have checked equipment in IH10,there was a wrong assignment of the contact person, we corrected the partner function and re-process the B doc in CRM system still we are getting the below error messages, please help what needs to corrected from ECC and CRM perspective to resolve this issue.

Error occurred when moving component (API) 00000000000222                                                   IB_CRM_UPLOAD_MSG   38

IBase component does not exist at the time specified                                                                     CRM_IB         52

Error occurred when inserting equipment 0000000000YYYYYY in the IBase hierarchy                 IB_CRM_UPLOAD_MSG   25

Error occurred when moving component (API) 00000000000333                                                   IB_CRM_UPLOAD_MSG   38

Error calling the upload BAdI. Method: perform_load                                                                       IB_CRM_UPLOAD_MSG   39

Error occurred when inserting equipment 0000000000YYYY in the IBase hierarchy                       IB_CRM_UPLOAD_MSG   25

Validation error occurred: Module CRM_DEQUI_VAL, BDoc type CRM_EQ_DMBDOC.               SMW3  18

From the above error I can find the equipment in IH10 & where do I find the component?

This is the first time I'm working on this kind of issue (equipment), please help me.

Many Thanks for your support.



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Hi Kumar,

I also meet with this issue today, please see my solution:

Best regards,