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environment dependant variables

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I have integrated a web service call into our B2B/B2C system. During development I hard coded the URL of the webservice into my class. This URL is for the Dev system of the provider. I would like to set the customizations to uses the correct URL for each environment (Dev B2x -> Provider Dev URL, QA B2x -> Provider QA URL, etc)

What is the best approach to accomplish this? Check for SAP System name (ie, ERD, ERQ,ERP) and use appropriate URL? Is there a way to add custom fields to XCM and reference them in the code (I like this idea the most, since we would be able to enter the URL for the Dev/QA/Prod into the respective XCM, but do not know if its possible or how to do it..)?

Thank you for your help

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If you are using Java scriptlet in JSP you can try using

WebUtil.getMimeURL(pageContext, "my URL");

Or you can use the ISA tag

<isa:webappsURL name="myURL" />

to get the fully qualified URL with host name and the ports added "automatically" based on the J2EE web container.