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Enter Division Code in Service Request

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Dear experts,

I am currently trying to create a Service Request from a parent Service Requst in PDI. Basically everything I try to do is working, however, I do not manage to add a Division Code to the Service Request. please see my Code Example for this:

var elSalesArea: elementsof ServiceRequest.SalesAndServiceBusinessArea;
var instSalesArea;
elSalesArea.DivisionCode = this.SalesAndServiceBusinessArea.DivisionCode;
elSalesArea.DistributionChannelCode = this.SalesAndServiceBusinessArea.DistributionChannelCode;
elSalesArea.SalesOrganisationID = this.SalesAndServiceBusinessArea.SalesOrganisationID;
instSalesArea = instServiceRequest.SalesAndServiceBusinessArea.Create(elSalesArea);

In this Code instServiceRequest is the newly created Service Request. Distribution Channel Code and Sales Organisation ID are filled as expected, only the Division Code remains empty. When debugging and checking the values of elSalesArea, the Division Code is filled as expected. I have also tried modifying the Division Code after creation of instSalesArea. For this I have tried all of the following Code Lines separately.

instServiceRequest.SalesAndServiceBusinessArea.DivisionCode.content = this.SalesAndServiceBusinessArea.DivisionCode.content;
instServiceRequest.SalesAndServiceBusinessArea.DivisionCode = this.SalesAndServiceBusinessArea.DivisionCode;
instSalesArea.DivisionCode.content = this.SalesAndServiceBusinessArea.DivisionCode.content;
instSalesArea.DivisionCode = this.SalesAndServiceBusinessArea.DivisionCode;

Do you have any suggestions on how to fill the value of the Division Code?

Thank you


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