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Enhancing the Service Request Search with Custom Z.. field

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Hi All,

I am enhacing the Component SRQM_INCIDENT_S with custom field ZFIELD. Below are the steps which i took:



BSP_WD_CMPWB I enter the name of the component "SRQM_INCIDENT_S"

clicked on Button to enhance component

assign the enhancement set "Z..."

Give the name of the Application " ZSRQMINCIDENT_S'

Confirm that i want to create  the BSP application  that doesnt exist

Left the name of the repositiry as "Repository.xml"

Assigned Workbench Request

Then enhanced the view  " SRQM_INCIDENT_S/IncidentSR"

2. After this i selected the Search view of this Component

   - navgate to the context Node  of this view

   - opened context node and right clicked on Attributes node

   - select  Otion CREATE

3. Wizard started did select the  ADD TO MODEL  ATTRIBUTE

   - For BOL Entity selected ----> BTQSRVREQ And used realations to navigate through the BOL structure and got the ZField as below


After this my field is succesfully added on the Attributes of this SEARCH Context Node as:

Z_WARD ( Dynamic - See A-Getter)

All the other GET Method are Green except GET_V_Z_WARD & GET_P_Z_WARD.

I did a log Out and Logged in back again in the system.

I expected the Zfield to be availabe in the Configuration Tab on the Available Serch Criteria but its not there.

Could there be anywwhere where i am getting it wrong?

Thank you for your help in advance.



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Hi Bryce,

You have to assign it in the design layer and make it visible.

Thanks & Best Regards,