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Enhanced component asks for registration key after system copy

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Dear experts,

to be able to develop with high quality data we rebuilt our CRM development system with a system copy of the production system. Now after finishing all the reworks (BDLS, SCC4, ..) we have the following problem:

Whenever we try to create a new event to an already enhanced component, the system asks for a registration key as if it wants to modify the SAP standard classes! One time we tried what happens if we enter this registration key: The systems trys to redefine its own methods in the SAP classes and therefore results in a syntax error.

Has anyone an idea what settings might sill be wrong that lead to this system behaviour?

Thanks so much

BR Matthias

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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To all people that might face similar issues: The solution is that a table called BSP_WD_EXT_HIST exists, that holds the information about enhancements. This table entries are not getting transported to Test and Prodution systems but only exist on the development system.

When building a development system out of a production copy, this table should be stored before and replaced afterwards

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Assuming your system was copied properly, there are few thoughts here:

1) You are entering the BSP WD component workbench and opening up each component without specifying the enhancement set.  This would cause the error you mentioned.

2) You don't have the system setup for development changes.  You have changes turned off for Y/Z code

3) You didn't use a proper namespace originally Y or Z and the system thinks you are using SAP code

Take care,


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Hi Stephen,

thank you for yous answer.

1.) Component was opened using the enhancement set. Also I can navigate through the Z-Objects and the system correctly shows me the enhanced ones.

2.) I've checked the system settings in SCC4 and SE03. Is there more to consider?

3.) We used Z namespace

Thanks and BR