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Enable wishlist extension

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Are there steps to enable the wishlist extension in SAP Commerce Cloud DIGITS? We are trying to use the class Wishlist2Service in our codebase, but the addon for wishlist is missing. These are the steps we are trying to follow - 

 We have already added this line to localextensions.xml -

<extension name='wishlist' />


Do we need to copy any additional extensions into modules folder to enable this functionality? Or any other instructions you can send us?

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Hi @SAPSupport 

Additional details as follows:

  1. yacceleratorstorefront-generated extensions (via modulegen - the JSP-based storefront) do not have any add-ons or front-end available for the wishlist extension.
  2. SAP Commerce Cloud, Composable Edition (formerly Spartacus), however, does have support for wishlists  - Wish List | SAP Help Portal