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Employee responsible set to current user on edit mode in a query

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I have an issue where employee responsible for a transaction is set to current user while on edit mode. This happens when a user displays an existing transaction. I had a look at the component, nothing seem to change the partner. Can anyone help with this?

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Hello Kay,

I don't know this message and have never seen it before. One thing might be to check the details-hyperlink. The more important thing might be to check where this message is raised as it might be the same place where the emp resp was set. For this check table T100 with the message text and hopefully identify application area and message number. With this go to SE91. Do y where-used search and hopefully you get the place where it is raised. If it is a custom message then the emp resp seems to be set in custom (non satndard) coding. Then a use of program RS_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN with searching for the application area and in all Z* or custom programs might also lead you to the place where the message is called and hopefully the emp resp is set.

Best regards,

Thomas Wagner