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Employee Address in HR-CRM integration

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Hi Experts,

I've configured the HR-CRM integration and I'm facing with a big problem: all the employees, whose Address infotype (0006) has not been maintained inHR, are not replicated in CRM.

Both the outbound idoc from HR and the inbound Idoc in CRM are green (with all the relevant information correctly migrated) but the employees are not created in CRM.

How can I by-pass the problem? What I have to do to replicate an employee in CRM from HR even if the Address Infotype has not been maintained?

Thanks a lot and best regards,


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Hello Stefano,

So you are sending an Idoc without IT0006 subtype 1. As far as I know IT0000, IT0001, IT0002 and

IT0006 subtype 1 are mandatory to create BPs in CRM system. You might still considering waiting for an answer on how to bypass even if this particular infotype is not maintained.

Best Regards, Adil