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Emarsys Open data

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Hi to everyone!

I have a client who would like to use Open Data for analytics, but he expects to have the biggest traffic from the USA area, and in docs say that Open Data works only in EU area.

Does it mean that USA analytics won't be shown at all in Open Data?
Also from config document for tenant activation, there is question "from which area will you send?" It is from Europe but it will be sent to USA also, so does it mean that all USA users will need to comply with the GDPR?

Thanks a lot!


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Hello @iammilos,
Based on my experience, I can confirm that there are no restrictions on using the Emarsys Open Data only for EU or specific regions.

You can get in touch with your SAP Success Manager and they will support you or submit a SAP ticket.

ℹ️Info for othersOpen Data is a Google Cloud Platform plug-in that enables you to query and export all the email, web, sms and mobile app behaviour and response data that you have stored in your Emarsys account. 

I hope this answers your query.

Best Regards,
Kunal Bansal | SAP CX Solution Architect 


Hi @KunalBansal ,

Thanx for message. 

I am asking because of this part : "Open Data datasets can only be stored in the EU and can only be accessed by Google tools if their region is set to the EU as well. It is not possible to process and access EU data with a tool set up in a different region." from docs .

If customers pick region EU and sent data FROM EU but engagement is made in USA, what is happening with USA data? Will it be visible in Open Data? 

Thank you very much, and I will contact SAP person if customer decide they will use add-on in future.



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Hello @iammilos,
I got your query now, please contact SAP support or CSM. /Kunal

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Hello, I got your query now, please contact SAP support or CSM. /Kunal