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Emarsys Email Domain Setup


Hello Dear Community,

We are implementing Emarsys in a large holding company, which consists of multiple daughter companies. Now we are trying to activate Email Channel, As we know we have to create a new domain with the values which are provided through the Emarsys help portal.

Which is the better approach?

1. Create 1 domain and then create sub-domains for each daughter company


2. Create individual domains for each daughter company

Thank You in advance.


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Hi Kunal,

Thank you for your response,

Could you please provide a little bit more information about the link domain? Is the link domain and subdomain the same?

Best Regards,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear sandrobunturi123,

To protect your main domain ( it's recommended to create subdomain ( Once email domain is ready you create mailboxes.

It's simple, you follow the below steps:

  1. Setup the SAP Emarsys DNS settings, like example below:-
  2. Once the Domain is setup, you are allowed to send emails from above domains.
  3. Now you can create any number of Mailboxes (daughter company email) which doesn't need your IT team help anymore. e.g.,,,......., by following below step.
  4. Now you can use these mailboxes in your Email Templates as per your use.

I hope this clarifies.

Thank you.

Kunal Bansal


Answers (1)

Answers (1)


Hi sandrobunturi123
The right approach for this case depends on the branding of your daughter companies that all belong to the same holding company. The sending domain as well as the link domain should always reflect the brand name for brand recognition, transparency and building trust among your recipients.

Without having an exact overview of your daughter companies, I can only give this general advice, though:

  1. If all child brands are operated with one website, then you can create subdomains for each child brand on this website.
  2. If the daughter companies have their own websites, then subdomains should be created in the domain of the website.

I hope this helps but I am also happy to provide further guidance if needed.
Kind regards,
PS: Please feel free to use the 'SAP Emarsys Deliverability' tag next time to make our team aware of your question immediately.