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Emails - How can I change the user status?

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We are currently working on CRM 6.0, SP03.

With the Groupware integration (Outlook) I have the possibility to transfer inbound emails into my CRM system. Every single email creates an activity of type u201CInbound emailu201D in the CRM system with status u201Copenu201D.

When I now want to change the status from u201Copenu201D to e.g. u201Ccompletedu201D, I have no chance to do this directly in the activity, as a corresponding field is missing. So far, I just know the possibility to change the status in the list of results when searching for u201CInbound emailsu201D. But that can just be a workaround.

Does anybody know, which field I have to integrate in the WEB-UI in order to change the email status directly within an activity?

Thank you.

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the status should always be "completed". pls create an OSS for that and support will send you the fix for this