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Editor Area Panel colspan applies to attributes also

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I have the following layouts for my EditorArea - Tab - Section

Section (columns=2) with 3 Panels

Panel 1 - 2 attributes, wants to show attribute side by side in one row

Panel 2 - 2 attributes, want to show attribute up and down in two rows, (Categories display, long length)

Panel 3 - 5 attributes, want to show 2 attributes in each row

I have tried all the combination of columns, colspan and rowspan properties but no desired result.

When using colspan=2 for panels, the attributes inside it are shown in each individual rows, so total of 9 rows for 9 attributes.

Is it possible to achieve above behavior without any customization? Or what kind of customization is required, if any?

I just want to increase the width of categories to span complete row.

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