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Easy Product Hierarchy Question

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I am currently configuring CRM 7.0 with SAP's building block configuration guides. As a newcomer to CRM, I have an easy question (hopefully).

When maintaining hierarchy information (COMM_HIERARCHY), I cannot specify a Product Type for any of my hierarchy's categories. This is preventing me from creating items like warranties with COMMPR01. How can I edit this product type for each of my categories?

I am working in a standalone sandbox environment. I am not connected to ECC.

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

- David

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Can't you change or add the product type in the basic data on category? e.g. material?

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I should clarify: I am making my configurations through the SAP GUI. My issue is that the drop-down for product type is inactive for each category, therefore I cannot change the value. Is this information inherited or maintained elsewhere?