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Dump while saving an Internal note .

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Hi All ,

I am facing a dump when I add an internal note to my project and try to save he project .

Below is the detail of the dump :

Cannot display view GSTEXT/List of UI Component GSTEXT

An exception has occurred

Exception Class CX_BOL_EXCEPTION - Access Previously Deleted Entity


Source Text Row: 22

I have not done any enhancement to the component GSTEXT .

At the same time the standard NOTES works fine for the activity documents .

I have seen other people facing the similar issue in SDN , but I didnu2019t get any clear picture of the analysis .

I tried to check GSTEXT component in BOL and GENIL browsers, but I didnu2019t get this component there . I got the below message u201CBOL Could Not Be Loaded: Component GSTEXT has not been definedu201D.

Can anyone guide me on resolving this issue.



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Hi ,

This generally happens when the GenIL layer is unable to read attributes of a BOL object for a given key. So, you might need to debug and see when this happens.

You can put a breakpoint in GET_OBJECTS( ) method of your genil implementation class and debug from there.