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Download Condition Record from ECC to CRM

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Hi All,

I have successfully downloaded the condition types,access sequence and condition table from ECC to CRM by selecting the required adapter object.

I am trying to download the condition table records from ECC to CRM by creating the adapter object ZDNL_COND_A996 where A996 is the condition table.

For testing purpose there is only one record in ECC in table A996 but the download is taking over 5 hours and is still running.There is no log in SLG1.

Can someone please help me to resolve this.

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Can you please review note 2042295 ?

Regards - Christophe

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Hello ,

There are no unprocessed BDOCS and we are not using any Z-field .

The Table 996 contains the following fields

  1. Sales Organisation
  2. Distrbn Channel
  3. Division
  4. Product

The problems is when I am checking the object ZDNL_CUST_A996 ion R3AM1 the blocks are showing as zero even though the CNCCRMPRCUS996 contains 2 records.

Moreover I have created another condition table A995 in ECC with the following combination.

  1. Sales Organisation and
  2. Material

The corresponding Adapter object ZDNL_CUST_A995 has teen created and the same has been successfully loaded through R3AS in less than a minute but whenever I am trying to do the same with A996 I am encountering the problems described.

How do I transfer the condition records automatically from R/3 to CRM whenever the the records are saved in VK11.